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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Departure Month Decided


September, for some reason, has become a month of huge life changes for me.  My mother died September 9,1990.  I left for Nigeria September 16, 1998.  I had my first child September 7, 2004.

And now this September 2012 (probably the first week) we will move to Brazil.  All of those huge changes in my life had incredibly positive outcomes (yes even the death of my mother) and I doubt this one will be any different.

After speaking with Rick and Deanna Bergen the mission directors for Xingu, they both feel we are at a point that we can set the wheels in motion for September.

We will spend the summer back here, in Cambridge, living with my brother and sister-in-law (thank you Kevin and Laura!) continuing to fundraise so that we are going as equipped as possible to make a difference in the lives of the people of Brazil and sucking up every moment of summer with friends and family.  We plan to seize every single day of it.

It's a surreal thing-when you've been preparing for something for almost two years and the moment is finally upon you.  I've never climbed a mountain but this fundraising journey has definitley felt like I imagine a climb like that would feel.  Emotions are high and mixed.  It's a liberating feeling to no longer be living in limbo, but there's the reality of saying good-bye to everyone we know and love, lingering around the edges of the excitment.

Our house is empty and rented, our bags packed and tomorrow we head to England for 5 weeks to spend time with family and friends spanning from the south of England all the way to Aberdeen Scotland.  We are so looking forward to reconnecting with everyone there.

Thank you so much to all of you who have stepped forward to join us in this adventure with God through prayer and financial support and thank you in advance to those who are yet to.  Thank you for the prayers, the encouragement and the advice we've received along the way-we truly could not and can not do this without all of you.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

England Bound in 9 Days!

Here is the bullet point for update for speed readers:

  • Our house is rented (YAY!)
  • We are at 2900/month (YIPEE!) (full support is $5,000/month)
  • We leave for England on April 23rd (CAN'T WAIT)
  • We return from England to Canada May 31
  • We will be back in Canada for at least a couple of months raising more funds, although 3,000 will provide enough to support us and for a little bit of work, the more we have the further the mission can go (would love to have a boat to reach the remote communities on the river, things like that)

The Nitty Gritty

We are in the trenches, ridding our selves of the things we have accumulated over the past 10 years since returning to Canada from Africa and I'm learning I may have an addiction to hair/face products and all things perfumey.

We had a minivan full of stuff when we first moved from my sisters attic into our first apartment, when we leave this time we'll have about 20 rubbermaid tubs with the things we can't bear to part with, photos, kids school work and other memory things that can't be replaced.  Other than that it's a strip down to the bear essentials.  Clothes, some kitchen supplies, homeschooling materials, a few toys and some tools.  Whatever we can manage to fit in 8 or 9 suitcases.

Since about January we have been trying to walk out what God has for us on a step by step basis, 'Ok God, what next?' that's why we rented our house and booked our trip to England-despite not yet having enough funds to live in Brazil.  The result of trusting God and doing what He says despite the fact that it flies in the face of logic has been a huge faith builder.  We have seen over 700/month in support come in since we started this.  Amazing, it's almost like someone up there knows what they're doing.

So, we think it's a good idea to continue this way of living-a huge part of the training for what we are about to head into.

We are looking forward to catching up with family and friends in the UK, where Phil grew up.  We have many friends we met while volunteering in Africa that also live there, so we will do a road trip from London, to Norwich, on to Middlesborough and then Scotland and back down.

We will also speak at one of the Vineyard churches there, sharing with them the amazing things God has done in Brazil and how our lives have led us to this point.  We also hope to meet the directors for the Vineyard UK, a first step in developing relationships with the over 100 Vineyard churches there.

Our kids are holding up, excited about our trip to England, but we are seeing some flares of transitional testy-ness.  Please keep them (and us!) in your prayers as the next few months will be full of fun and adventure but also a lot of change.