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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Konnor!

Fifteen years ago this morning my pager started beeping and with my eyes still closed, my hand fumbled for it on the table next to my bed.  I cracked one eye open to see the number on the tiny screen.


Both eyes immediatley flew open, my heart began to race and I lept from my bed to the phone.

'Is it time?!' I said in a rush of breath and croaky voice, not waiting for her to say hello.

'It's time.'

In a frenzy I grabbed a backpack and threw a few things in and hurried out the door to my car.  I would later find out I had, in my tired stupor,  packed one shoe, a can of baked beans and a hanger.  Very useful indeed.

The drive from my apartment in Toronto to my sister's house in Cambridge flew by in a blur.  I managed not to get any speeding tickets.

I burst through the door of her house ready for action.

My sister sat calmly at the table in the kitchen, a hot cup of tea, a piece of paper and pen beside her.

'So? What's happening? How far apart are the contractions?'

'About five minutes, I tried to tell you you didn't need to rush but you hung up'.

'I was excited, I've never seen a baby born before.  I didn't want to miss anything',  I said as I sat down at the table with her.

The next few hours were spent watching my sisters clarity dissolve into a trance like state as her labour increased.

When the moment came for her third child to come into the world I was not at her shoulder cheering her on and offering comic relief as I had thought.    I was on the 'business end' holding her leg on my shoulder, her new baby was still kicking as he left his warm wet world and entered this one, so she was delivering on her side.  If you know Konnor, the fact that he 'jumped' his way into the world is not surprising.

The moment his head emerged is etched into my memory forever.  First of all because it was a beautiful moment, seeing a new person enter the world.  Second because I did get to slip in some humor by saying,

'Hey Laurie, don't look now but you currently have two heads!'

'Oh!' she laughed and cried 'Don't make me laugh it hurts!'

One more push and with a rush of flesh he was out.

'It's a BOY!' I exclaimed tears now freely flowing.

Oh, how she wanted a boy.

The midwife handed me the scissors, I had been given the honor of cutting his umbilical cord.

Moments later, my parents had joined us in the room and we were all huddled around the bed, wiping tears away and gazing at this new life.

Witnessing the miracle of birth is an incredible thing to be a part of.  It reinforced how much I wanted children of my own and bonded me to that sweet little baby boy.

So hard to believe that sweet little baby boy is now taller than me and turning fifteen today.

Konnor has spent this summer as a Leader in Training at a vacation bible camp, where he is now on his birthday.  I know all too well how it is to be away for events that make you miss home and family.

Me with the Kilborns in Point Pelee-1999
So, from here in Cambridge we are saying a big Happy Birthday Konnor!! We love you!!