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Friday, September 4, 2015

Taking Alpha On The Road

For years, the Alpha resources sat unused on a shelf here in Maraba. 

Why?  Because they had never experienced or seen Alpha running, they didn't know how to get started.

A few weeks into running the first Alpha here in Maraba, the team loved it.  The Brazilian pastor said it was ‘the best thing they had running’.

Two weeks later we were on a plane headed for Canada after receiving the devastating news that my Dad was dying.

But Alpha kept running, and growing.  Without us.

Since then we have had two Alpha’s in the church, two youth alpha’s and an Alpha in the Street.  Alpha has become part of our churches culture and it’s bringing people to Jesus.

It isn’t the only effective evangelism tool but it’s a good one.  It’s the one that took me from not believing to believing, and ultimately brought me here.  We’re pretty crazy about Alpha.

There are missionaries and Brazilians within the Xingu Mission who also have the materials but don't know where to start.

They would like us to help them.  An Alpha kick-start if you will.

So, in the coming year it looks as though we could be traveling quite a bit.  Right now, there are four bases that would like us to come for two weeks, train their team and get them started.

We are excited!  We also need your help.  Traveling so much will increase our monthly expenditures and we will need extra funds to make it work. 

Prayerfully consider whether or not you would like to partner with us in spreading this ministry.  We are training people who will train others and spread Alpha, and the message it brings throughout Northern Brazil.

We are VERY excited about this new chapter!

Help Is On The Way!


Last year shortly into our new homeschool year I had a horrible day that was part of a series of bad days.  I’m going to be completely honest.  The hardest part of this move to a place full of new things, new climate, new culture, snakes and tarantulas has not been the adjustment to all these new things.

 The aspect that has been the biggest challenge, the one that has brought me to tears and had me consider packing up and leaving…is...HOMESCHOOL. 

There, I said it.

So, one very trying day I cried out to God, I vented to Phil and I probably yelled at my kids that if something didn’t change, if something didn’t shift I couldn’t do it any more.  

Every day was a battle of wills, and it was mine that was breaking.

It was in that moment of desperation that I heard that still small voice saying, ‘help is on the way’.  I looked to the sky, eyebrows raised and replied, ‘Really? From where?’

Oh me of little faith.  Shouldn’t I know by now that he always has a plan?  Shouldn’t I know by now that when I hear that still small voice I ought to listen?  Didn’t I name my own daughter as a reminder?

And yet, the frustration continued.  People were put in their rooms (me included) tensions mounted.  I scoured the internet for ideas, ways to change what we were doing, new curriculums, maybe that would be the help I longed for.

Then, on another terrible, awful, no good horrible day again that still small voice came and said, ‘google exactly this: help me homeschool my missionary kids’.  So I did and there in front of me was a web site that linked missionaries in need with people looking to serve missionaries, voluntarily, no cost to us and on a tourist visa.

Exactly what I was praying for!

Long story short I applied.  In April in the wee hours of the morning I couldn’t sleep for some reason and checked my email.  There in black and white lighting up my dark bedroom was an email from someone who wanted to come and help.

Help was indeed on the way.

After a series of emails, skype calls and more emails we decided we liked each other and wanted to give it a go.

In less than a week, Madeline, an eighteen year old highschool grad taking a GAP year will come to help us with homeschool for three to six months. 

Oh Jesus how sweet your answered prayers taste to this dry mouth!