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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This Saturday-Wedding Gown Sale/Fundraiser

When I was five years old, my oldest brother Kevin got married.  I was asked to be the flower girl and it is probably still one of my fondest memories as a little girl.  Dressed in lace from neck to ankle and hair piled in ringlets on top of my head, I thought I was living a fairy tale!  I even danced the night away with the ring bearer, it was a night to remember.

Laura, my brothers wife loved weddings so much she dreamed of one day opening a bridal boutique and eventually saw that dream realized.  Unfortunately, for several different reasons, the store had to close a year ago.  Two hundred dresses sat waiting for their bride in a storage locker until the idea came to her to donate them to help us raise funds for Brazil.

We are speechlessly grateful!  Thank you Kevin and Laura!

We are holding a one day clearance sale this
Saturday November 5 from 10am-6pm at the Eagle Street Community Church, 950 Eagle Street N.

So, if you know any brides, send them our way!  The dresses are beautiful, that much I can guarantee.

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Nate said...


I am a recently engaged Christian, and my fiancee and I have been praying and trusting alot about how God will provide a wedding dress for her. Then I got this e-mail randomly from a friend about your sale! My fiancee and I weren't able to come today, but would appreciate an e-mail about what's happening with any "left-over" dresses.

Blessings on you and on God's cause being carried out through you!

Nathan Thorpe