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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas in Brazil

For some Christmas is a time when we remember the happy times of our childhood, family and friends gathered, gifts to unwrap, the unbridled excitement and anticipation of what awaits.

For many, many children and youth in Brazil Christmas is a time of dread, it is an excuse for parents and relatives to drink to excess, get into fights and possibly take it out on them.

One Christmas Rick Bergen, the Xingu mission director sat with a group of young boys during one of their meetings.  He asked them each to share their favourite Christmas memory.  He was faced with a circle of blank faces.  Trying to start the discussion, Rick shared one of his favourite Christmas memories when his father hid a new watch in some oranges.

He started with the boy next to him, 'What is your favourite memory of this time of year?'
"I don't have one" and as he went around the circle the reply of 'Me neither' was echoed again and again.

Then one boy said, 'oh wait, remember that time we all played bottle caps in the street?' and they said, 'oh ya! that was a good time!'  That was their best Christmas memory.

Since then, as Xingu celebrates Christmas with a big feast and special Christmas Eve service every year, they are creating new, happy memories about this joyous holiday.

We hope that you and your family make some amazing memories this Christmas too.

From the Snells to you and yours, Merry Christmas!

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