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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Anyone Need to Rent a House?

In our small group two nights ago we talked about manna.  When the Isrealites were delivered from Egypt they spent fourty years in the dessert, following a pillar of fire at night and a cloud during the day.  When the fire/cloud moved so did they.  Food in the dessert was scarce, but God provided for them  'manna' which would appear on the dew in the morning and disappear in the heat of the sun.  If they collected more than they needed, or tried to store it it would sour and spoil.  They lived day by day trusting in God's divine provision and timing.  But they didn't do it with a smile on their faces, no there was a lot of belly-aching in that dessert.

Phil and I shared how this past year of raising support has been a big learning curve, in trusting in God's provision and timing, surrendering to His will not ours.  I've done my fair share of belly-aching along the way, too.

The very next morning (today) we received an email from our tenant that she needs to break her two year lease.  The good news is she has decided not to leave her husband, to reunite as a family and we're very grateful for that.  The unfortunate side-effect of course is that we now have to find another renter.

In past years an unexpected twist like this would have sent me off my rails, I would probably have reacted with some anger, despair and worry, twisted up in it for days or weeks until the problem was solved.  This morning though I spent a few minutes making heavy sighing noises with my husband as the news sunk in.  But that was it.  That was the extent of my emotional response.  I have complete and utter confidence that the creator of the universe can handle this little hiccup-and I'm quite sure He is not the least bit surprised.

It's been a long two years since we first set foot on the tarmac in the Maraba airport and the learning curve has been steep, but I have a sneaking suspicion this is just the crest of the first of many hills.

So, the house is listed on kijiji again.  We'll keep you posted.

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