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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Caught in the Cross Fire-Adriano Shot in the Leg

Many people asked me before we left for Brazil, 'So, is the neighbourhood you'll be living in safe?'


It's a hard question to answer, there is a lot of crime that occurs just outside the gates of this 12 acre 'chacara' (farm) and in the neighbouring streets.

Just two days ago one of the young boys who comes to the chacara daily was at a local restaurant/shop and a motorcyclist came up raised his gun to shoot someone, the person ducked and this boy, Adriano, was shot in the leg.

Adriano wasn't involved, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He had to spend the night with the bullet in his leg, in a public hospital things don't happen very quickly, especially when it's a long weekend.  The following day the bullet was removed and he was stitched up and sent home.  The mission provided the necessary antibiotics.

The reality is he could have been hurt much worse or even killed, had the bullet entered another part of his body.  Deanna said to him 'Wow, I guess God really loves you eh Adriano?"

Adriano at home after having the bullet removed.
'Yes, he sure does'.

We don't feel 'unsafe', I don't feel nervous.  The reality is though, that the area is known for crime, and that sometimes people are caught in the cross fire.

Please pray for Adriano, and for all the youth and kids and adults in our neighbourhood, that they would be protected, that they would be drawn in by the love and the light that we are trying to share with them.

We would love to see this area do a complete 180 degree turn to become a place people want to come to instead of shying away from.  To completely change it's reputation.

It's a God sized vision, but thankfully we have God on our side.

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