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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wedding and Baptism

Brittany& Steve with My Parents
Amongst the heartache of all that is going on we have had moments of immense joy.  Two weeks ago, my niece Brittany and her fiancé Steve said their vows and committed their lives to one another in my brother's backyard so that my Dad could be there.
Releasing balloons in memory loved one

The sky was blue, the bride was beautiful and there wasn't a dry eye amongst us, least of all me who was walking them through the ceremony.

Brittany and her three sons, Jamie, Xavier and Cole

It was an idillic afternoon with children playing a dog frolicking and all of us just enjoying the sweet moments of life together, putting aside everything else if just for a few hours.

Luke is Baptized

This past Sunday, our son made public a big decision he has made.  A few months ago he started saying that he would like to be baptized, "Mom, Jesus saved my life, I want to be baptized".  We talked a lot about what this meant for him, that it was a big deal to commit your life to him.  After many talks and prayers, and meeting with our children's pastor at our home church here in Cambridge, we all decided he was ready.

I love that our church does a full submersion baptism, it's dramatic, it's wet and it changes your physical situation.  It's the way John the Baptism baptized Jesus.  I also love that it's a choice you make, not one your parents make for you.  There is a saying that God does  not have any grandchildren, just because Phil and I made the choice to follow Jesus doesn't automatically mean Luke and Faith will.  Of course, ultimately this is what I want for them, I know after living 30 years without faith that it's not a path I would chose for them.

So, the fact that Luke has chosen at this young age to follow Him makes us extremely happy and proud of him.

You can see his testimony and baptism for yourself here

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