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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Hope of Heaven

What is hope?

Hope defined:

Hope: a person or thing in which expectations are centred

Expectation defined:

Expectation: the act or state of looking forward to or anticipating.

Hope is not based on something that might happen it is based on something that will happen.

In winter we have the hope of spring.  Despite how dark and cold it is we know that spring is coming.( Read Blog: Promise of Spring)

If you have ever lost a loved one you undoubtably understand the feeling of longing.  Longing to see them 'just one more time'.

What if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would?  That the time would come for you to be reunited with all of the loved ones you've been separated from? That it wouldn't be just for a moment but for an eternity.

Would your suffering and pain be eased? Would it be easier to part with those you are losing?

That is the hope of heaven.

It's an expectation, a hope, the promise of what is to come.  Spring always comes no matter how dark and cold and long the winter has been, the hope of spring is a promise.

Having that assurance, that hope of an eternity with loved ones, without pain or sorrow doesn't cost a penny.  It's free and it's yours for the taking, you just have to ask for it.

"God, I want your promise, your hope in my life, I open my heart to you".

It's just that easy.  What are you waiting for?

He's waiting for you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hope is something you would like to happen.
Expectation is when you are certain something will happen.
You hope to win the lottery.
In winter you expect spring.
The hope of heaven bears no certainty at all, a longing at most.