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Sunday, October 2, 2011

News from Brazil-Zezym's Mother Has Been Killed

As I settled into bed friday night I was flicking through my facebook news feed and noticed a post from Monica, the Brazilian Pastors wife in Maraba to Rick, Deanna and Chelsea:

"Oi como esta, tenho uma noticia ruim para da, mataram a mãe do zezim hoje de 9 pra 10 hora da noite."

Just last week I had learned the word 'ruim' which means bad and that word was in her post. I could decipher that it had something to do with his mother and happened that day at 9 or 10 at night. I translated the other words I didn't know and worked out that Zezym, one of the youth who plays drums in the worship band, and was almost always smiling when we were there, has lost his mother, she was shot and killed.  Zezim is only 17 years old.

I understand this pain, I lived this pain.  Just the other day I was sitting at the table with Faith and she asked if 'Nana' was my mother.  I said, 'No, hun remember I told you my Mommy died a long time ago' she then asked, 'How old were you when she died?" "18" I replied.
Her face grew sad, and she looked at me with those giant brown eyes of hers and said, "but when you're a teenager, you still need your Mom".  Wise words from a five year old.  Her words echoed a clear memory I have from my mothers funeral when someone said exactly that to me.  I had to step away from the table for a moment so she couldn't see I had tears welling my eyes. The truth is you do still need your Mom when you are 17.

This morning at 8 am Brazil time (9 am our time) they will take the body to the cemetary, Art and Cyndi will go with them.

My heart aches for Zezym as I think about the long road of grief he will have to navigate.  Thankfully, with Monica and Ivanildo, Art and Cyndi and all the youth in Maraba he has a very LARGE family that will surround  him, council him, love him and help to carry him through this tragedy.

Please, would you pray for him? Pray that God would heal his heart, bring him comfort.  I know (from experience) that God brings great things out of deep sorrow.  But the pain in the time it takes to see that good is great.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I too know that pain - and the comfort that our faithful Lord brings. I will pray.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, unfortunately we do understand the horrible issues with having to deal with loss so young. I am very glad he has such great support down there to help him thru... prayers for him for sure
Sue H