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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big Steps

In about an hour there is a gentleman coming to view our townhouse with the possibility of renting it.  Does that mean we have our support raised? NOPE.  Not yet.  But, we both felt as though we were asking God to show up without showing Him we were willing to take the necessary risks.

I use the diving board and empty pool analogy all the time, it's so fitting.  In the beginning of this journey we were diving off the board before there was any water (selling our house with no idea where we would live) and then God provided.  But when we moved in, somehow we changed our thinking, we were looking into the pool and seeing only half the water (we have just over half of our 'green light' support raised, $1700/month) we stood arms crossed saying, 'Nope, not enough water, not jumping'.

I was relaying this to a member of our small group last night and he told me two encouraging stories.  They knew a couple who was out of work and in terrible financial trouble.  His wife said she felt like they were supposed to send them $1,000.  They didn't have $1,000.  But, trusting they were hearing from God, and believing in His provision they wrote the cheque and sent it.  The very next day his wifes' boss called her into his office.  There had been an error on her pay, too much had been deducted for a number of months.  They would write her a cheque to make it up.  For how much? You guessed it $1,000.

The second story was similar, the amount was $750 and again, trusting God they went ahead.  The next day a cheque from a relative in England showed up for 750GBP-DOUBLE what they had just given away.

I have heard countless stories from people just like these and the Bible also tells the same kind of stories.  When Jesus fed 5,000 people with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread he didn't wave a hand over it and then 'poof' there was enough.  Instead he told the disciples to start handing it out and as they did as they were told, the food began to multiply until there was enough for everyone and leftovers.

So, we are being obedient and renting our townhouse.  Crazy? Maybe.

Have you been thinking of supporting but wondering if what you have to give will make a difference?  Can I encourage you that ANYTHING you can give isn't too small?  If that little boy hadn't offered his small lunch, there would have been 5000 very hungry people and Jesus wouldn't have had the chance to show how much he could do with just a little.

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