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Sunday, July 29, 2012

One Way Tickets To The Amazon

We have one-way tickets purchased for September 10th.  We are six weeks away from departure day.

Our house is rented for two years.

We have reduced our worldly posessions that we will leave here in Canada down to 11 rubbermaid tubs and a printer.  Everything else has been sold or given away.

The site of our tubs all lined up on a shelf gave me mixed emotions.  WOW and wow.

When we came to Canada 10 years ago we had about the same amount of stuff and within two years we had amassed enough to fill a large moving van and several car loads, and now here we are back where we started.  Full circle.

The count down is on.  The packing of suitcases will commence shortly.

On that note: We are still in need of about 5 large (28" high) suitcases that can hold 70lbs worth of stuff.  If you have one you're willing to part with, could you let us know?

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