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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Are We There Yet?

Do you remember driving in the car with your parents as a kid to a new destination?  The journey felt like a lifetime, you ached to just be there.

The mission here is on a new journey, taking things in an exciting direction, the vision is there, but the pieces of the puzzle need to be put together to get to where we want to be.   Some of those pieces are financial, some are logistical.  Are we there yet?

There has been a lot of construction going on to get us to that next place, a new wall around the front of the church creates a focused 'courtyard' where people can gather, sit in in the shade of the mango trees while they collect safe drinking water or just talk about life.
We are working on creating a community centre which will offer a number of different programs that kids and adults can get involved with.  Some programs will open up opportunities for them to break the cycle of poverty (e.g.English lessons, computer training) and some just for fun (e.g. movie nights, wii nights).

We are here to serve the community, to meet needs, build relationships, to love them like Jesus would.
 The front of the church will have a new addition, creating a church office, meeting room for bible studies and other meetings.  We will have someone available at the reception and in the courtyard to answer questions, and just generally be a presence so their is a sense that we are ready and willing to help or just talk.

Currently, the front of the property has a large gate and a wall (see photo below) from the street it's difficult to tell if you don't already know us, what happens in the chacara.  We want to open this up, take the wall down that separates us from the community and instead have a wrought iron fence, so the church, the courtyard and all the activity is visible from the street-a much more welcoming appearance.

There is an incredible amount of need here.  It can feel overwhelming if we step back and look at the big picture.  But when we take time to look at the individuals, to get to know them, to pray for them and start to see changes we have hope, and we give them hope.

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