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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Children's Day (Dias de Crianças)

Beautiful smiles tell us we're brightening their day
October 12th in Brazil is 'Dias de Crianças' or 'Childrens' Day' it's a day all about kids, they are given gifts, there are parties and special events.    I was told that it's something like Santa coming for kids in Brazil.We celebrated Childrens' Day here at the mission on the friday before.  

We put the word out that we were going to have an afternoon of games, songs and prizes and weren't sure how many kids we would get, it's hard to tell with these sorts of things.

We had almost two hundred children turn up.  It was incredible to see that many small kids in our church.

Games with water balloons, funny dances and musical chairs helped keep them entertained and we followed up with a 'cachorro-quente' a brazilian version of a chill dog and a cup of pop.

Who doesn't love a water balloon toss?
Waiting for their 'cachorro quente'
There is very little for children in this neighbourhood to do, so anything on offer is exciting and special, it makes them feel included and loved.  This is why we are here.

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