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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Travel Details!

In case you're curious, here's what our travel plans look like:

Departure Date: September 10th 2:45pm

Flight Path: Toronto-Miami
                   Miami-Rio De Janeiro
                   Rio De Janeiro-Belem
( we sort of bounce like a yo-yo in Brazil until we finally land in Maraba)

Travel Time: 23 hours 30 min

Luggage: 10 suitcases each weighing 70lbs (yes that's 700lbs)
                  4 carry-on suitcases
                  4 computer backpacks
                  2 pillows
                  2 blankets
                  1 purse
                  1 camera bag
                  2 Adults carrying most of the above
                  2 kids probably complaining about the one thing we ask them to carry

If you're thinking about us during that time period and could pray that our luggage is transferred all the way down without us having to re-check it at each flight change, and maybe that we have patience for our children and each other that would be great!

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